Smoking Burger -0134

mighty, meaty & mmm

The cure to all hunger cravings is hidden inside the Burger

Some are Beef & Some are Chicken,
But they are all delicious!

which option tickles your taste buds more?

is a Burge healthy ?… hell yeah!

but we’d eat them anyway, each & every day
Burger bun
165 kCals
Cheese & lettuce
142 kCals
oh, boy… they taste just as good as they look!
smoked Cheddar
78 kCals
beef patty
118 kCals

choose one of our bestsellers

or build your own from scratch

only add your favorite ingredients & toppings

best served with

Onion Rings, Fries & Fried Pickle Spears

ain’t no other combo like it, we bet!

Get Your Franchise Now!​

​Owners of restaurants will be able to offer the Smokin Burgers system through delivery, online ordering, and in-store pickup. our innovative model empowers local restaurant owners to increase revenue without additional expenses. Call: +1 (519) 731 – 4252

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